Auto Repeat Orders for WooCommerce


Auto-ship and auto-repeat WooCommerce orders plugin

  • Automatically repeat orders at pre-set frequency
  • Easy management to repeat, stop, delay, pause auto-repeat orders
  • New orders are not charged, customers are sent email to pay for new orders
  • Admin settings to customize text, auto-ship frequency and cart options



If you are looking to automatically charge customers when auto-repeat order is created, you will need our USAePay auto-charge plugin.

To auto-charge with other gateways, please contact us for more details.


  • Wordpress local install plugin to create repeat orders
  • 2 Hours of support with setup and roll out questions

To enable automatic charging of orders, you can purchase our USAePAY Auto-charge plugin. For auto-charging on other gateways including PayPal, please contact us for a quote.



With the Auto Repeat Orders For WooCommerce plugin you can let your customers to receive their favorite products automatically. With just one click, customers select the frequency to repeat the order and checkout. New, repeated orders are create automatically in WooCommerce. It’s auto-ordering and simple management.

auto repeat orders for woocommerce


  • Enables customers to auto repeat orders for WooCommerce orders at pre-set time frame, every x months.
  • WooCommerce admin page to customize auto-repeat order plugin settings.
  • Customers or Admin can do “”ship now”” to automatically process a previous order.
  • Customers can view, change or edit auto-replenish orders at My Account page.
  • Full integration with WordPress, automatically creates orders with no extra configuration.
  • Customers or Admin can Ship now, Change, Start or Stop auto-repeated orders.
  • Set a fixed shipping cost for auto-repeat orders or select from WooCommerce Shipping options.
  • Enable Shopkeeper (admin) to create auto repeat order, from any WooCommerce regular order.
  • Select which auto-repeat cycles to show on the cart page, from 1 month to 12 months.
  • Customize auto-repeat heads up notice email subject and content.
  • Control the date of next auto-repeat order.
  • Customize subject and content of sent emails.
  • Automatically authorize/charge orders with our USAePAY recurrent charges plugin.
  • Manually pay any auto-repeat order from My Account page.
  • Customize admin support email, body and subject for auto-repeat plugin, to receive any error messages.
  • Updated folder structure and classes to use latest and compliance with latest WooCommerce Standards.
  • Extend plugin functionality  using WordPress filters and hooks.
  • Checks for failed orders and emails admin using hooks from WooCommerce.

You can read more information at WooCommerce Auto Repeat Orders page.