WMS Warehouse to WooCommerce API


Perform API calls to for delayed capture funds, bulk upload shipment tracking numbers and more.
Integrate 3PL warehouse fulfillment centers with WooCommerce with 3PL WooCommerce API plugin from

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  1. Integrate 3PL warehouse fulfillment with WooCommerce via REST API
  2. Allows batch order download, batch tracking upload, delayed funds capture & inventory updates
  3. Download orders with payment pending status, processing status or any custom statuses
  4. Enable custom calls handled under /admin HTTP path
  5. Update multiple orders in WooCommerce with shipment tracking info. via API
  6. Choose to exclude virtual products from warehouse API orders fulfillment list
  7. Option to exclude gift cards from warehouse API orders fulfillment list
  8. Notify store admin when gift card or virtual product order is placed to process order
  9. Hide order actions when this plugin is active to avoid accidental manual processing of orders”
  10. Enable 3PL warehouse to view order data via API for all order
  11. You can integrate WooCommerce with most Shopify-online systems.

Do you need any additional feature for the Custom WooCommerce API? Contact us and we will do it for you!

Tested scenarios for transactions

An order with one single product, authorized, then made the capture call without any amount parameter so it charges all the amount.

An order with multiple products, authorized, then made the capture with an amount of 50%, then applied the capture with the 50% rest

Confirmation emails

  1. After successful order placement, customer receives email confirming order is placed
  2. Order complete email goes out only after warehouse uploads tracking # and creates capture sale transaction
  3. Partial shipment email goes out as per above step 2
  4. Complete shipment goes out only after full amount of the order is captured and order status is changed to complete