WooCommerce Autoship orders. Auto repeat, auto-replenish shopping cart orders
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WooCommerce Autoship Orders: AUTO REPEAT WC ORDERS


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WooCommerce Autoship orders plugin to repeat orders from WooCommerce shopping cart and checkout page. Auto-replenish orders every month, set custom frequency, start, stop and easy management.

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Price covers updates and priority support for one year. After the first year, renewal is 25% discount, annual cost including support and maintenance will be $300 / year.


This auto-repeat order plugin fully integrates with WooCommerce shipping options. Shop manager can pre-select shipping type for auto-ship orders.

Test drive at demoshop.webdibs.com

Add any product to cart, go to the cart page to see how Auto-repeat orders plugin works.









Q: A customer can add some auto-repeat and some one time purchases to the same cart?
A: Yes. Customers can select all or few items from the cart to auto-ship at a preset frequency to repeat the order


Q: Can a customer can log in and easily change the frequency of their auto-repeat order and cancel if they need or change delivery address?
A: Yes. Customers can manage auto-ship orders frequency, start, stop or cancel from the standard WooCommerce My account page.


Q: When customers log in, the auto-shop plugin integrates with standard current login /membership section?
A: Yes, authentication is standard wordpress / WooCommerce so users can easily manage their auto ship orders


Q: Orders are automated so we customer is notified before auto-repeat order is placed?
A: Yes, a regular WooCommerce order is created on the repeat date. You can customize the auto-repeat order notice email so customers can be notified before the auto-ship order is placed.


Q: Some of our customers prefer to automatically charge the customer. Does the plugin process charges?
A: We offer a custom add-on for automatic charging of credit card — depends on what payment gateway you use.


WooCommerce Autoship Orders and Repeat Cycle


Enable your customers to receive their favorite products automatically. With just one click, customers select the frequency to repeat the order and checkout. New, repeated orders are create automatically in WooCommerce. It’s auto-ordering  and simple management.



One click management for auto-repeat orders.


SHOP MANAGER – View all auto ship orders in one place. Easily enable, disable, ship now or change next order date. Simple management, easy editing for shop manager.


CUSTOMERS – Customers can view all of their auto-repeat orders from their Account page. Customers can choose to ship now, delay the autoship order, skip a auto-repeat  cycle, set any date in future from a calendar to start auto-repeat orders. Simple, easy management of auto-repeat orders.


Your customers can set the auto-repeat order frequency without doing anything at product level. Customers don’t have to set the auto-repeat order frequency for each product.

Our autoship extension automatically added a auto-repeat dropdown box on the cart page. It’s a simple, 2 click solution to enable automatic ordering and shipping for WooCommerce stores.


WooCommerce Autoship Orders plugin offers many choices of shipping options for auto repeat orders:

  1. Set the auto-ship order shipping to be same as original order
  2. Use a flat rate shipping for all auto repeat orders (overwrite WooCommerce shipping options)


This autoship, auto-repeat plugin works for all simple, variable and digital products. WooCommerce shop manager does not need to edit or set frequency at product level. The plugin repeats all products within an order at a pre-set frequency chosen by customers. Any type of product combinations can be repeated on monthly or custom set date.



WooCommerce Autoship Orders plugin eliminates all setup for products. It enables the shop manger to manage all features of the Auto-repeat plugin via a settings screen. A straight forward, simple to follow management of autoship orders.


The plugin automatically integrates with all WooCommerce cart and checkout pages. With a simple dropdown, the look and feel of your website is not disturbed. Developers can customize the front end of auto-repeat orders in many ways.



Create repeat orders and charge customers automatically from USAEPAY payment gateway – without requiring customer credit card number.


If you use our USAePAY  plugin for payment gateway, the WooCommerce Autoship Orders plugin will pass the order through the entire checkout process. The is a unique feature available for repeat / autoship order credit card processing  via USAEPAY.

For all other payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal and more, please contact us for a quote on custom plugins to integrate the auto repeat orders plugin.

USA ePay for WooCommerce Auto Repeat




  1. Enables customers to auto-repeat orders at pre-set time frame, every x months

  2. WooCommerce admin page to customize auto-repeat order plugin settings

  3. Customers My Account page to view, change and edit auto-replenish orders

  4. Full integration with WordPress, automatically creates orders with no extra configuration

  5. Customers or Admin can do “”ship now”” to automatically process a previous order

  6. Customers or Admin can Ship now, Change, Start or Stop auto-repeated orders

  7. Admin can set if customers can select when the next auto-repeat order will ship.

  8. Set a fixed shipping cost for auto-repeat orders or select from WooCommerce Shipping options

  9. Enable Shopkeeper (admin) to create auto repeat order, from any WooCommerce regular order

  10. Select which auto-repeat cycles to show on the cart page, from 1 day to 12 months,

  11. Customize auto-repeat heads up notice email subject and content

  12. Set the number of days to send advance notice before auto-repeat order is placed

  13. Customize email and subject when new auto-repeat order is placed

  14. If the USAePay Webdibs plugin is installed, Automatically authorize/charge orders with USAePAY

  15. Notify customer to pay manually for auto-repeat order if USAePay Webdibs plugin is not installed

  16. Customize admin support email, body and subject for auto-repeat plugin, to receive any error messages

  17. Updated folder structure and classes to use latest and compliance with latest WooCommerce Standards

  18. Supports WordPress filters and hooks to extend plugin functionality such as renaming front end labels via hooks

  19. Checks for failed orders and emails admin using hooks from WooCommerce

  20. WooCommerce Autoship Orders lets you choose if you wanna give customers to auto ship only some products from an order

Features from Auto Repeat Orders v.3.0 Released on June 17.

Do you need an additional feature? Contact us and we will do it for you!

WooCommerce Auto Repeat Orders

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