WooCommerce Order Migration


WooCommerce Order Migration – automatically migrate orders from an WooCommerce installation to any other WooCommerce site, preserve IDs and Move data fast!

Fully hosted solution to migrate orders from any WooCommerce sites and preserving IDs.

Compatible with WooCommerce Reward Points plugin.


Fully hosted WooCommerce order migration service

WooCommerce order migration tool helps you migrate orders, customers and reward points between multiple WooCommerce sites. This fully hosted web service offers full migration or incremental migration on multiple WooComerce  websites.

  1. Create one or more source database to migrate orders from
  2. Create multiple destination databases to import WooCommerce Orders and customers
  3. Select source and destination database
  4. Start migration and view details logs order and customer exported / imported
  5. Order migration WordPress plugin preserves and view original order IDs in destination site
  6. Check detailed log about each migration.


  • Price shown includes 5 migration pack, you can contact us to increase amount.
  • You can purchase additional migration packs as needed
  • Volume discounts available. Please contact us for more details